The Non-Profit Association Le Clos Charmant (loi du 1 juillet 1901)

Le Clos Charmant. (Boemus Klos is Breton for Le Clos Charmant)
The main object of this non-profit association (R.N.A. : W462001205) is to give to its members the possibility to be involved and participate in art and culture. To learn the methods and techniques through practice, skills exchanges, courses, events and exhibitions.

Le Clos Charmant is a new project for  Arts and Culture based near Guingamp, Brittany, France.

As a non-profit association, the center is reliant on the interest of others (artists, makers, environmentalists, teachers and learners); it will provide sanctuary, inspiration and skills based knowledge for those that invest time and energy into it.

Aims of Clos Charmant

To provide a space for professional artists to generate work

To provide opportunity for artists to share skills

To be a place for people to come to in order to learn new skills through courses and workshops

To be an inspiring environment; through drawing on the natural beauty of the surroundings, functioning sustainably and showcasing the work of artists and makers (both outside and in our exhibition space)

To function as a self-sustaining, non-profit organisation

Central to Le Clos Charmant is a philosophy of sustainability, collaboration and professionalism. We take the Arts seriously and understand the value of networking and exchange in contemporary art practice. We anticipate that Le Clos Charmant is going to evolve over time, growing to suit the needs of its community.