Illusion Art _ Leandro Erlich

Leandro Erlich is an Argentinean artist who likes to find ways to question our ordinary world through his deceptive art. He creates these questions using trompe-l’œil three dimensional illusions.

As part of his work the spectator is invited to participate and therefore becomes part of it. Questioning their psychological concepts of the ‘real’ a sort of unstabilising uncanny. Using mirrors to turn the real to unreal and vis versa.

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Nearby The Clos Charmant

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Published on: May 27, 2013

Nearby Le Clos Charmant there are large granite bolders, menhirs, lakes, bronze age village and feudal fort sites all add to the charm of Cosquer Jéhan and the surrounding area.
Just up the lane there is the Menhir of Cosquer Jéhan which has recently been cleared of brambles and now is clearly visable. Further up the road there is the site of a feudal forte where it is easy to see where the moat had been. Not forgetting the granite bolder just over the field which is the height of a house.



Printmaking Workshops

The Association Le Clos Charmant has printmaking facilities for mono, lino, colographs, stencil and screen printing. Screen printing screens can be made using paper cut, drawing fluid and photographic emulsion. We will also be combining these printing techniques onto clay surfaces in the ceramic studio. Demonstrations, workshops and courses (for 3 to 5 people) with additional specialists as available for specific courses. These can be run from 2hrs, 1 or 2 days or on a weekly basis.

a recent workshop ….



Images Le Clos Charmant

Here are some images from Le Clos Charmant. The studio has facilities for ceramics and printing. In the stream valley there are 27 granite bolders (last count). There are two barns the larger is for a future project to have an exhibition space and theatre. The grounds are evolving and will be used for workshops, sculpture exhibitions, events and camping. We are hoping to build a “pod” shelter, pallette cabin and Summer Kitchen this year.



Rafa Pérez – Ceramic Artist

Rafa Pérez

I met Rafa at an exhibition he was showing at La Borne Center Of  Ceramics last year,  where he is going to do another expo  this year. He told me he likes to explore and experiment with his work in mixed media. He is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics and has done many exhibitions all over the world. Visit his site to see his work.

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